We became homeowners

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almost our property
almost our property
Sid in front of the house
... Sid looks cocky though we still don't know if this house will be ours...

These two pictures were taken during our second visit (it was raining the first time and so we did not shoot outside). The garage is said to accommodate two cars, but frankly I doubt it. I am afraid that we will end up just like typical Americans -- cars will stay outside and garage will fill up with "stuff"...

The reason for our hesitation - most of the back yard used up by a pool.
... I married a millionaire after all!!!

The pool was our reason to pass on this house right at our first round. Huh, who would want to pay all the maintenance... but... on the other hand, a pool needs no mowing; in a place where winter lasts for six weeks, one can use some refreshment. After all -- we can always fill it up. Jacuzzi (a hot tub) is something completely different. I don't mind it at all, although I still dont know what havoc our heating bill may wreak in our budget... so I plan to sit in a hot bath and chew peanut butter sandwiches... what would you not sacrifice to live like a millionaire? These pictures were taken more or less from the same spot -- the entrance to "family room". An awful curtain in the corner covers up some gadgetry related to the pool and jacuzzi.

Family Room
Family Room
Formal Entry
Formal entry

The room on the left is a "family room" or the place where you normally live. A sliding door leads to a back yard with a pool (that's the spot from which above pictures were taken). The second is a formal entry and these two rooms share a wall, but have no doors; they're open to a kitchen and an entrance hallway, respectively. Both rooms have ugly lino floors, which we intend to improve.

Dining corner
A view from the back yard sliding door across the family room toward the kitchen -- of which we can see a dining corner; Sid is obscuring a part of a door to the garage.

Left: a view through the family room to a dining table in the kitchen. Door to the garage is hiding behind Sid. Right: taken from where Sid is on the first picture, looking to the left. You can see the entrance and a small hallway that continues to the formal entry.

A view to the stove part of the kitchen.
Small bedroom
Small bedroom

Left: a view to a part of the kitchen with electric stove, but since the house has a partial perimeter foundation, one can crawl in the space underneath and extend a gas line from the garage. Right: one of the two smaller bedrooms (they're practically identical) -- their windows go to the street, you can see them a bit under the gallery on the picture above. The gallery (a roof overhang) protects this side from afternoon (south-western) sun.

Hallway with a bathroom
Master bathroom

When you enter the house, the kitchen is to your left side, and you face the formal entry room. A hallway goes right towards the three bedrooms, and ends with a bathroom. Part of the formal entry room can be seen on the left picture. Small bedrooms (with windows to the street) are along the right side of the hallway, master bedroom (with a window to the back yard) is on the left side. A bathroom at the end of the hallway contains a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub.
The second bathroom is attached to the master bedroom (and cannot be entered from elsewhere). It is divided into two parts, the first contains a was basin with cabinets, and the second part (right picture) contains a toilet and a shower stall. I did not take a picture of the master bedroom as it would not fit into the camera's viewing angle.
All bedrooms, kitchen, and the main hallway have hardwood floors. There are tiles in the entry hallway, and living rooms have lino. Both living rooms are a step lower as they are built on a concrete slab (there is no room underneath them, unlike the rest of the house).